Privacy Notice
for Customers, Users of Services (Social Media, E-Commerce, Online, Website)
(the 2nd Revision)

 This Privacy Notice ("Notice") is issued for you to acknowledge and understand how we collect, use, and disclose ("Processing") personal data that Ocean Glass Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or "we") render as Data Controller in the personal data collected from you when you have contacted the Company to carry out its data processing.

1. Purposes for the collection, use and disclosure of personal data

- To be used for processing your request prior to entering a contract or fulfilling contractual obligations, where you are the contracting party with the Company. This includes tasks such as creating a customer database, issuing invoices/tax invoices, delivering goods and services, payment processing, after-sales service, product returns, and refunds.

- To ensure security benefits, such as implementing security measures, including personal data, for activities like logins to the website, fraud detection and prevention, as well as emergency contact.

- For marketing operations and data analysis, such as customer relation management (CRM), rewards, and marketing research, including survey and interview.

- To improve and develop products and services, including website.

- For legal rights enforcement.

- In cases where you provide consent to the company:

  ▪ For sending news, and offer benefits through email, SMS, phone, social media

  ▪ For market research purpose, such as survey and interviews.

2. The collection of personal data and the personal data which may be collected, disclosed

- Details relating to you such as first-last name, social media account (Facebook, Line ID, Google ID), and ID card / Taxpayer identification number

- Contact details or means of contact such as telephone number, e-mail, address, map, and location

- Financial Information such as detail of bank account for refund process.

- Information provided by you when contacting the Company and/or when the Company delivers after-sales service, survey, and interviews

- Cookie ID: the Company may collect and use cookies and similar technologies when you visit the Company's website or e-commerce system. You can cancel or delete cookies by setting up at your browser. However, it may affect the functionality of certain parts of the website or e-commerce system. Type of Cookies may be used through this website;

  1. Necessary Cookies are cookies for the operation of the website. The website can functionally operate, safe, and allow you to access the website such as logging in, identity verification. You cannot disable this type of cookies in our website.

  2. Marketing cookies are cookies that used to track and collect visitors’ activities on the website. Cookies store user data and behavior information, which allows advertising services to target more audience groups. Also, more customized user experience can be provided according to collected information

  3. Third-party cookies, these cookies may be installed by the company or third-party service providers. It is collected statistical data on website visits, excluding personally identifiable information, and may be shared with external service providers, such as Google LLC, for website analysis. This helps the Company understand how you use the website. Furthermore, cookies do not serve as a means for the Company to access information on your computer or any data related to you, unless you choose to share such information with the Company. You have the option to accept or reject cookies in your web browser, which may impact your ability to fully utilize the website’s features. Please comprehend the cookies policy of each website when you purchase products and/or avail services of the Company through other websites, as these respective websites may independently maintain their own cookies policy.

3. Lawful Basis

- Contractual Basis
- Legal Obligation
- Legitimate interests
- Consent, incases of collecting, using, or disclosing information that necessitates explicit approval.

4. Data Disclosure

To perform the purposes stated in this notice, the Company may disclose your data to the following third parties:

  1. Government agencies or other agencies as indicated by law, including competent government agencies who exercise their legal authority

  2. Agents, contractors/sub-contractors, and/or service providers for the Company such as auditors, internal auditors, data technology system developers, public relations agencies, etc.

5. Source/Collection method to collected your Personal Data

The Company collects data from you directly using the website, social media, LINE official account, telephone, e-mail, business cards .
This includes Information provided by you when contacting the Company and/or when the Company delivers after-sales service, survey, and interviews.

6. Your Rights Under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

You have rights under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562 as follows:

  6.1 The right to be informed by the Company about the purpose of personal data processing, either prior to or the moment when the Company gathers your personal information

  6.2 The right to access, obtain a copy, and request disclosure of the personal data that we collect from you. This is unless we have the right to refuse your request by law or judicial order or your request will have an effect that may cause damage to the rights and freedoms of other individuals,

  6.3 The right to request the rectification of your inaccurate or incomplete personal data so that it is accurate, up-to-date, complete, and does not cause misunderstandings.

  6.4 The right to erase or destroy the Personal Data or anonymize the Personal Data to become the anonymous data which cannot identify the data subject.

  6.5 The right to request the suspension of the use of your personal data in any of the following cases:

     6.5.1 During the period that we review your request to rectify your personal data to be complete and up-to-date.

     6.5.2 When your personal data is illegally collected, used, or disclosed.

     6.5.3 When, although your personal data is no longer necessarily keep it for the collection purposes we have stated, you want us to keep it to exercise your legal rights.

  6.6 The right to oppose the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal data. This is unless the Company has grounds to legally refuse your request (for example, the Company can demonstrate that the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal data has more legitimate ground or to establish legal rights or legal compliance or legal claims or for the benefit of the public under the mission of the Company).

  6.7 The right to withdraw their consent at any time when you have granted permission to the Company for the processing. Unless constrained by legal regulation or the terms of service, the Company is obligated to maintain this data.

  6.8 The right to request, send or transfer the Personal Data in such formats to others if it can be done by the automatic means or request to directly obtain the Personal Data in such formats that the Company send or transfer to others unless it is impossible to do so because of the technical circumstances. Objecting or revoking consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information will not impact the processing of information already consented to, unless legally or situationally restricted. If there is a contractual agreement providing benefits, withdrawing consent may affect the company’s ability to fulfill specified objective in this notice.

7. Transferring or Forwarding Your Personal Data to Foreign Countries

The Company may store your data on computers, servers, or clouds of foreign service providers and may also process data using programs or ready-made applications of foreign service providers. However, in sending or transferring such data in any case, the Company will comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

8. Personal Data Collection Period

The Company will retain your personal data for a period of 15 years from the date of contract termination or termination of use of personal data. The Company may continue retain your personal data for a period that is necessary to comply with the law or its limitation. Thus, after the indicated period has expired, the Company will delete or destroy or make your personal data unidentifiable for other purposes such as marketing analysis, performance improvements, etc.

9. Security of Personal Data

We have appropriate technical and administrative measures in place to maintain the security of your personal data to prevent the loss or unauthorized access, destruction, alteration, modification, or disclosure of your personal data. This is in line with the Company's data security policies and practices.
In addition, we have established an organization-wide notice of personal data protection notice with guidelines to ensure the security of the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data by providing a review of the notice, including this notice, from time to time.

10. Involvement of Data Subject

The Company will only disclose personal data upon request from data subject, their successor, heir, legal representative, or guardian or curator, via In case that data subject, their successor, heir, legal representative, or curator have objected to the collection, accuracy, or any action such as notifying the rectification of personal data, the Company will record the evidence of such objection as evidence as well. Thus, the Company may deny the rights under paragraph two as indicated by law or if your personal data has an undisclosed name or characteristics that can be identifiable.

11. Responsibilities of the Individuals who Process Personal Data

The Company has determined that only the officers who have the authority related to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data of only this process will have access to your personal data. The Company will operate the officers to strictly comply with this notice.

12. Alteration and Rectification of the Privacy Notice

To modify or alter this notice, the Company may consider rectifying as it deems appropriate and will notify you via the Company's website, email, and SMS with the date of the latest version. However, the Company encourages you to regularly check for new announcements, especially before disclosing your personal data to the Company. Accessing products or services under this processing activities mean you acknowledge the agreement in this notice. Thus, please suspend using our services if you disagree with the terms of this notice. If you continue to use our services after this announcement is rectified and published through the above means, you will be deemed informed of the changes.

13. Inquiries

Data Controller : Ocean Glass Public Company Limited

Data Protection Officer : Personal Data Protection Committee


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Revised as of November 20th, 2023