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Cookies are small files that being stored to your computer storage or electronic device. Once permission accepted, cookies are added and remember your preferences in this website. Type of Cookies may be used through this website;


These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website. The website can functionally operate, safe, and allow you to access the website such as logging in, identity verification. You cannot disable this type of cookies in our website.


Marketing cookies are used to track and collect visitors’ activities on the website. Cookies store user data and behavior information, which allows advertising services to target more audience groups. Also, more customized user experience can be provided according to collected information.

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These cookies may be installed by the company or third-party service providers. It is collected statistical data on website visits, excluding personally identifiable information, and may be shared with external service providers, such as Google LLC, for website analysis. This helps the Company understand how you use the website.

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